Story by PPNYC's Teen Advocates
CHOICES - a comic about the choices teens face every day
is a 15-year-old African-American high school student. She goes out with Mike (not shown), who is also 15 years old. She is the sister of John, another character.
is a 17-year-old Latina senior in high school. She is currently John's girlfriend.
a 30-year-old Caucasian woman.
a 35-year-old African-American woman.
is a 17-year-old African-American senior in high school, who is Christy's brother and Diana's boyfriend.
is a 17-year-old Asian-American senior in high school who is Diana's friend.
is a 17-year old Latino senior in high school who is John's friend.
is a 15-year-old Caucasian friend of Christy's.
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age 15
age 17
age 30
age 35
age 17
age 17
age 17
age 15
Episode 1
Are Christy and Mike ready to have sex?
Should Christy bring a condom when she goes out with Mike and ask him to use it?
Latex condoms, when used correctly every time
you have sex, can prevent
100% of the time
98% of the time
75% of the time
The best protection for
someone who is allergic to
latex condoms would be...
polyurethane condoms
lamb skin condoms
the withdrawal method
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What do YOU think?
Tysheena from Brooklyn, New York
I think that her friend is right , she needs to think twice before she has sex with her partner if she is scared to ask him to use a condom. you should be able to talk to your partner about anything and everything. other than that, i will be waiting on the next episode
Danely from Washington Heights
I found this to be very informative for teens because it is something that happens very often. I liked that it was realistic, this can happen and happens a lot to teens.Something I learned from this is to not be afraid to tell your partner anything beacuse if he/she really loves you he will understand.
Jorge from LES
i believe that comic strip proves alot of good points on condom usage and people should always be able to have open conversations with their sexual partners about using a condom every time they participate in any type of sexual act
Kyle from The Bronx
I agree that if you don't want to talk to your partner about using a condom, then you shouldn't be having sex.
Lucero from The Bronx
This sends a good message to teens. Protection is very important. Safe Sex is the way to go.
Shamecca from The Bronx
The comic should be sent out to blogs thats attract teens. Hopefully in the upcoming episodes, topics like STIs and Domestic Violence should be covered.
Laura from The Bronx
I'm looking forward for the upcoming episodes.
Christopher from The Bronx
I really enjoyed the story line. We need sex education in our schools.
Arthur from The Bronx
This needs a bit more diversity. Like a wider rangle of ethnicity.
Lela from The Bronx
How realistic! It should be translated into different languages.
When Planned Parenthood teaches sex education, we always start from the premise that abstinence is the only 100%, sure-fire way to avoid pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. We encourage young people to postpone sexual intercourse until they are physically, emotionally, and intellectually ready to engage in it safely and responsibly, in accordance with their values. We strongly encourage young people to talk with their parents about sex and values. Planned Parenthood believes that parents and guardians should be the primary sexuality educators of their children. We also believe that young people should receive comprehensive, medically accurate sex education from other sources as well, including in school. What we want more than anything else is for young people to be safe and healthy. If they do become sexually active as teens, then they should get the information they need to avoid unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, which could profoundly affect their futures.
formerflaca from NY
OMG we desparately need comprehensive sex education in our schools!!!!!!!
Lyn from Indpls
I think the message is great! Our children need to know all info concerning bc and condoms. Yes not having sex until married is great, but the truth is kids are having sex and having babies. So lets join PP in their effort to do what most parents don''t edu. our kids and parents. We are dealing with more prenant teens and STI's.
Tiffany from Ohio
This is really nice! I do agree with Ryan, it does read more like a pamphlet than a comic but thats ok as long as the message is clear. To Pat, being in a committed realationship does NOT mean you have to be married. The reality is TEENS are having sex. So, we need to address the issue and talk to them about abstinence along with condom use and birth control. People want to tell kids "wait till you get married" but with if they decide not to get married? So, instead lets be open with them and tell them the truth about sex and provide them with sex education. You want to be mentally and physically ready/mature enough to handle the consequenses of being a sexually active teen. CONDOM use is very important! Even if you are on BC it is not going to protect you against getting an STI, just an FYI KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK PPNYC!!!
Ryan Hanlon from Harlem, NY
Reads more like a pamphlet than a comic. The message is positive but lacks a complexity that shows respect to the reader, assuming your target demographic is a sexually mature person. Teens are smart enough to grok that accidental pregnancy is not the only hazard of unprotected sex (although I'm sure you're getting to that). The characters, and as a result the message, fall flat. You must first imbue gravity to their situation through contextualization or character development. This seems perpetuated by the troublingly simplistic 'additional information' for the rest of the cast which boils them down to ethnicity/gender/age with no anchors of personalty. Is this how we should encourage people to think about each other, or themselves?
Pat from New York
The underlining problem with this comic is that a 15 year old should be worried about passing his/her algebra test rather than sex. We need to stop the sexualization of today's youth. We should expect more from them than the lackadaisical argument of "we know you are going to do it so use protection" implies. If we really care about the well-being of our children, we should teach them, instead, that they should abstain until they are in a committed relationship (where committed = married). To expect anything less is to belittle our children.
Anna from Seattle
I don't understand the previous comment about how this is despicable - I think it's fantastic! Bottom line: if you're not ready to talk about sex, you aren't ready to have sex.
Amanda from Philadelphia
This is despicable. PP, you should be ashamed of yourself!
MAG from OH
Good Job Teen Advocates!
#Truth from #Facts
Pulling out is NOT protection. It has nothing to do with self-control. It's science. #wrap it up!
Bri from AR
I think the art sucks. Well, the backgrounds good, but the character designs suck. Also, birth control is a must. I mean, if you're on BC, you're technically safe w/o a condom, but shit happens, and abortions are expensive, so ot's always nice to have a condom ready for that extra level of security. Also, i honestly don't understand hoe someone could be scared about wanting to talk about usin condoms
alley from Indiana
Please use protection. Sex is a natural thing, and if you're ready, that's fine. Just be smart about it. Just also realize that you're not married so you'll be losing your virginity to someone who might not be there in the future.
kathryn from PA
if you're afraid to ask your partner to use condoms then you should rethink whether you or they are ready to have sex. If your partner refuses to use condoms then you should probably not be having sex with them and reconsider your relationship. Someone who does not care about your sexual health and well being is likely not someone you want to be around.
adriana from nj
The fact that shes asking for advice first instead of jumping right in shows some maturity. People who believe that having sex automatically = consenting to pregnancy should ask themselves if swimming is consenting to drowning, or eating is consenting to choking. Good for her for seeking out answers and for making her own decisions.
lol from brroklyn
2 if my friends had kids when they were un hs thanx to the pull out method. if your too chicken ti buy a condom do your girl a favor n grow up!
Miriam from NH
I don't think it's worth the risk even if you think you've found a way to pull out in time. Some sperm escapes before orgasm and it only takes ONE.
ben from france
I heard that ze pull out method works most of the ze time, it's just that everyone is dong it wrong. The male really needs to have self control and pull out BEFORE the orgasm or else it doesn't work.
Francine from Brooklyn
i like how the teens are drawn.
Coniqua from PPnYC
This is cool ! :)